Moss Terminator® - Moss & Algae Inhibitor

Inhibits the growth of moss & algae for up to 12 months.  

Moss Terminator®  – Inhibitor is formulated to kill and inhibit the growth of moss and algae for up to 12 months. For use on paths, walls, brick, stone and most masonry paints. Moss Terminator is also ideal for garden furniture, sheds and trampolines. The algae and moss removal formula is fully biodegradable, long lasting, no bleach or acid, anti-bacterial, safe for use where children and pets play. Not for grass use.

Apply Moss Terminator® to dry surfaces only. Dilute 1:4 for normal use in a low pressure garden sprayer or watering can. Rinse out applicator after use. Do not apply if rain is expected in next 5-6 hours. Application dosage is 3.5m2 to 7m2 per litre.

The question of how to remove moss can be hard to answer; especially when it keeps returning year after year. A natural reaction for most beginner gardeners is to apply a moss and algae killer during the spring or summer months as that is when they do the majority of their gardening. While this isn’t a bad idea (and certainly should be done if they aim to spend lots of time outdoors) they mustn’t forget autumn moss treatment.

Moss generally thrives in dark, damp climates making autumn the season of choice for moss and algae looking to gain a foot hold in your garden. Using Moss Terminator: Moss and Algae Inhibitor, at the end of spring/start of autumn, will ensure that any moss spores will be met with hostile conditions which impede germination. With ideal conditions this could prevent moss from forming all the way till spring! This means less time treating your garden and more time enjoying it.

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