Remove Moss from Roofs

Moss on roofs is a major problem in many communities. Aside from being unsightly, moss retains moisture and over time all of the additional weight can cause damage to the roofs surface.

With moss Terminator moss and algae remover moss can be quickly and easily removed from your roof without the use of harmful beaches and acids. Moss Terminator is suitable for all types of roof. This includes slate, shingles, tiles, felt, lead, corrugated sheets etc. Moss Terminator is suitable for flat or sloped roofs.

How to Remove Moss from Roofs

Dilute the moss Terminator at a rate of 1:4 with water. Apply to roof using watering can or low pressure washer at a rate of 3.5m2 per 1 litre of solution. Within 2-4 days the moss will have died and dried out. It can then be removed with a brush or pressure washer or simply wait for harsh weather to wash it away.

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