Killing Moss on Tennis Courts

Moss is a common and troublesome problem for tennis court owners. Moss Terminator has therefore became a popular moss killing product amongst tennis clubs and private court owners. Moss Terminator gets to work fast effortlessly removing moss from all hard tennis courts.

Moss poses a serious slip danger to tennis players making it a common cause of injury on neglected courts. Tennis club owners owe it to their players to make sure courts are safe and free from moss at all times. MossTerminator is also suitable for other hard sports surfaces.

How to Remove Moss from Tennis Courts

Dilute moss Terminator at a rate of 1:4. Using a watering can or lower pressure washer apply moss Terminator to the tennis court at a rate of 3.5m2 per 1 litre of solution. Within 2-4 days the moss will die, dry out and become brittle and will be easy to brush away or pressure wash.

The actual playing dimensions of a doubles court are 23.77m x 10.97m:
260.76m2 or ~15 litres of Moss Terminator*

The full area of a standard domestic tennis court is 33.5m long x 16.5m wide:
552.75m2 or ~30 litres of Moss Terminator*

The LTA recommended minimum size for tennis clubs is 34.75m x 17.07m:
593.18m2 or ~34 litres of Moss Terminator*

A Championship-size court would be 36.58m x 18.29m:
669.05m2 or ~38 litres of Moss Terminator*

*based on a 1:4 dilution, Applied at a rate of 3.5m2/L of solution

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